Microsoft Defender for Containers plan released for general availability (GA)


With the release of Microsoft Defender for Containers, Microsoft merged two existing Defender plans:

  • Defender for Kubernetes
  • Defender for container registries

The new plan:

  • Combines the features of the two existing plans – threat detection for Kubernetes clusters and vulnerability assessment for images stored in container registries
  • Brings new and improved features – including multi-cloud support, host level threat detection with over sixty new Kubernetes-aware analytics, and vulnerability assessment for running images
  • Introduces Kubernetes-native at-scale onboarding – by default, when you enable the plan all relevant components are configured to be deployed automatically

To enable this new plan, please follow the following steps:

  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud >
  • In the “Management” section >
  • Environment settings >
  • Select your subscription >
  • Click on “On” for Containers >
  • Save


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