I absolutely love giving talks, sharing thoughts and having a good conversation with a group of like-minded people. If you’re interested let me know!

Upcoming speaking engagements

04/10/2024Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaCNCF Meetup Quebec City | Back from KubeCon Europe 2024KubernetesFrench
04/18/2024OnlineGlobal Azure 2024 at North Toronto Cloud & DevOps User Group | Security CopilotSecurity CopilotEnglish
05/07/2024Toronto, Ontario, CanadaHow to conduct efficient Kubernetes Security AssessmentsKubernetes English
05/10/2024Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaGlobal Azure Boot Camp 2024 | Security CopilotSecurity CopilotFrench

Past speaking engagements

03/28/2024OnlineModern Work & Security Community Group | Azure Pentesting IntroductionAzure PentestingEnglish
03/04/2024OnlineAzure Spring Clean 2024 | Azure Pentesting Introduction 2024Azure PentestingEnglish
01/23/2023OnlinePodcast | Expert Sécurité |sécurité | Kubernetes | Cloud Native | AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service)Kubernetes SecurityFrench
12/6/2023OnlineFestive Tech Calendar 2023 || AKS Security Pentesting InsightsAKS PentestingEnglish
10/16/2023OnlineIntroduction aux tests d’intrusions Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)AKS PentestingFrench
09/27/2023OnlineElectro Monkey – Cloud Native Security & KubernetesKubernetes SecurityFrench
09/27/2023OnlineCloud Native Security & KubernetesKubernetes SecurityFrench
05/02/2023Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaCNCF Quebec MeetupAKS PentestingFrench
04/27/2023OnlineCyber Tech and Risk – Cyber Security ArchitectureCloud SecurityEnglish
04/27/2023OnlineGDG Montreal – Security Controls in Actions!GCP SecurityEnglish
11/24/2022OnlineMicrosoft Ignite After Party by Azure Québec User GroupAzure SecurityFrench
10/13/2022Seattle, WAMicrosoft Ignite 2022 – Experts Meet-up on Cloud for Financial ServicesAzure Security, Cloud for Financial ServicesEnglish
09/15/2022OnlineCyber Tech and Risk – Security Controls in the Public CloudAzure SecurityEnglish
05/07/2022Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaGlobal Azure Quebec 2022 – Cloud Security TrainingCloud Security TrainingFrench
05/06/2022OnlineGlobal Azure Quebec 2022 – Introduction aux tests d’intrusions AzureAzure PentestingFrench
03/03/2022OnlineIntroduction aux tests d’intrusions AzureAzure PentestingFrench
12/01/2021OnlineRetour sur Microsoft Ignite 2021 – Microsoft Defender for Cloud and More!Microsoft Defender for CloudFrench
06/29/2021OnlineBack from Microsoft Build 2021 – SecurityAKS, CosmosDB, Azure ConfidentialFrench
04/17/2021OnlineGlobal Azure Toronto – Azure Defender in Action!Azure Defender, Azure Security CenterEnglish
04/15/2021OnlineVisual Studio Talk Show – SecOpsAzure Defender, Azure Security CenterFrench
04/15/2021OnlineGlobal Azure BootCamp – Azure Defender en Action!Azure Defender, Azure Security CenterFrench
2/23/2021OnlineAzure Defender in Action! – The Azure Group (Azure User Community Toronto)Azure Defender, Azure Security CenterEnglish
11/3/2020OnlineRetour sur Microsoft Ignite 2020 – Azure Defender and More!Azure Defender, Azure Security CenterFrench
10/22/2020OnlineFinOps avec AzureAzure Cost ManagementFrench
OnlineAKS Security in French!AKS, Azure Security CenterFrench
OnlineBack from MS Build 2020 – SecurityAzure Security CenterFrench
6/23/2020OnlineAzure Security Training DayAzure Policy, Azure Security CenterEnglish
Online16 Security Best Practices with Kubernetes on Azure (AKS)AKS, Azure Security CenterFrench
3/4/2020OnlineWebinar – 10 bonnes pratiques pour sécuriser un cluster AKSAKS, Azure Security CenterFrench
Toronto, Ontario, CanadaManagement Group and Policies in action!Azure Policy, Management GroupEnglish
1/16/2020Toronto, Ontario, CanadaAn Overview of Azure Security, Azure Policy, Azure Firewall, WAFAzure Policy, Azure Security Center, Azure Firewall, WAFEnglish
Toronto, Ontario, CanadaCyber Tech & Risk – Cloud Security OverviewAzure SecurityEnglish
Toronto, Ontario, CanadaCyber Tech & Risk Talks – InterviewCyber Security Career AdvicesEnglish
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaExploiter efficacement Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) afin de mettre à l’échelle l’infrastructure de vos applications !AKSFrench
6/15/2019Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaGlobal Azure DevOps BootCamp 2019 – Ville de QuébecAzure, AKS, DevOpsFrench
6/4/2019Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaConference Overview of Azure Sentinel l – Meetup Azure QuebecAzure SentinelFrench
4/27/2019Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaGlobal Azure BootCamp Quebec City 2019 !Azure, AKSFrench
4/27/2019Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaAutomatiser ses déploiement dans Azure avec TerraformTerraformFrench
4/2/2019Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaProctor Global AI Night 2019 – Quebec CityAzure Cognitives ServicesFrench
3/27/2019Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaDocker BDay Quebec City – Feedbacks session about Docker in AzureAzure, Containers, AKSFrench
3/27/2019Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaMicrosoft Tech Summit Quebec City | Conference DataCenter MigrationsAzure MigrateFrench
1/10/2018Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaConference – Back from IgniteAzure Security CenterFrench
Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaISACA Québec | La gestion des vulnérabilités dans un environnement CloudAzure SecurityFrench
10/17/2018Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaOWASP Québec – 17 octobre 2018: Survol de la sécurité de Microsoft AzureAzure SecurityFrench
6/16/2018Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaGlobal DevOps BootCampAzure, AKS, DevOpsFrench
5/24/2018Quebec City, Quebec, CANAKS – Hands on labAKSFrench
4/21/2018Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaContainers dans AzureAKS, Docker, Containers, KubernetesFrench
4/21/2018Quebec City, Quebec, CanadaGlobal Azure BootCamp 2018 – Ask the ExpertsAKS, Docker, Containers, KubernetesFrench
02/24/2016Las Vegas, Nevada, USAIBM Interconnect – Growing your MSSP Business with IBM Security QRadar Business, QRadar, MSSPEnglish