New alerts for Microsoft Defender for Kubernetes


To expand the threat protections provided by Microsoft Defender for Kubernetes, we’ve added two preview alerts.

Alert (alert type)DescriptionMITRE tacticSeverity
Anomalous pod deployment (Preview)
Kubernetes audit log analysis detected pod deployment that is anomalous based on previous pod deployment activity. This activity is considered an anomaly when taking into account how the different features seen in the deployment operation are in relations to one another. The features monitored by this analytics include the container image registry used, the account performing the deployment, day of the week, how often does this account performs pod deployments, user agent used in the operation, is this a namespace which is pod deployment occur to often, or other feature. Top contributing reasons for raising this alert as anomalous activity are detailed under the alert extended properties.ExecutionMedium
Excessive role permissions assigned in Kubernetes cluster (Preview)
Analysis of the Kubernetes audit logs detected an excessive permissions role assignment to your cluster. From examining role assignments, the listed permissions are uncommon to the specific service account. This detection considers previous role assignments to the same service account across clusters monitored by Azure, volume per permission, and the impact of the specific permission. The anomaly detection model used for this alert takes into account how this permission is used across all clusters monitored by Azure Defender.Privilege EscalationLow

For a full list of the Kubernetes alerts, see Alerts for Kubernetes clusters.


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