AKS | OPA Gatekeeper Dashboard


In a previous article, I show you how you can deploy a OPA Gatekeeper solution in your AKS cluster. We saw together how we can monitor the number of OPA gatekeeper violation in a second article.

In this article I will show how you can deploy a dashboard to monitor your OPA Gatekeeper violations. I will recommend you to use the solution Gatekeeper Policy Manager (GPM) created by Sighupio.

It’s very easy to deploy this solution, please clone the following repository and run this command to deploy the solution:

kubectl apply -k .

Once you’ve deployed the application, if you haven’t set up an ingress, you can access the web-UI using port-forward:

kubectl -n gatekeeper-system port-forward  svc/gatekeeper-policy-manager 8080:80

For a production usage of this solution, I recommend you to configure the OIDC authentication.


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