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La semaine prochaine les MVP d’Amérique (USA, Canada, Amérique latine, Brésil) organisent deux jours de conférence les 14 et 15 Mai.

Jour 1 – 14 Mai, 2015

Time IT ProTrack DeveloperTrack ConsumerTrack LATAM (Spanish)Track Brazil (Portuguese)Track
8:00 AM(PT) Keynote Address:Steven Guggenheimer Keynote Address:Steven Guggenheimer Keynote Address:Steven Guggenheimer Keynote Address:Steven Guggenheimer Keynote Address:Steven Guggenheimer
9:00 AM(PT) BYOD with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) Microsoft Band: Project Online Task Updates from your Wrist. How to present with your audience’s needs in mind, all within PowerPoint! Implementing End-to-End High-Availability: Hyper-V, Network, Storage, and Cloud Architecture Interfaces com Xamarin – O que eu preciso saber?
10:00 AM(PT) Microsoft Surface in the Enterprise Fireside: Cooking with Open Source Create Custom Icons in PowerPoint Herramientas SQL-Server Best Practices Analyzer y Microsoft MAP para apoyo en la administración de Bases de Datos Visual Studio 2015 – Novidades e Produtividade!
11:00 AM(PT) What is new in Skype for Business Detecting Facial Expressions with Azure Machine Learning and Kinect for Windows It’s Not A Windows Phone, It’s MY Windows Phone Windows 10: productivo en cualquier tamaño Introdução ao C#6
12:00 PM(PT) Power BI as a Self-Service BI Platform: Architecture, Use Cases, Strengths, and Shortcomings Supercharge your Development with Azure Websites Xbox music, the cloud and your Beiber collection Extendiendo tu Infraestructura Local con Cómputo + Redes de Microsoft Azure: una Implementación en el Mundo Real Primeiros Passos no ASP.NET 5
1:00 PM(PT) Azure Test Labs:  From Zero to Hero DevOps: What Is This Puppet You Speak Of? Using Office Mix from Boardroom to Classroom Introducción a Azure Machine Learning Executando ASP.NET MVC 6 no Mac OS X e no Linux
2:00 PM(PT) Azure Remote App for your Line of Business Applications Mongo Baseball.NET Migrating from an iOS mobile device to a Windows mobile device and how to keep your Outlook data, emails, and contacts intact Desarrollando para Office 365 Introdução ao HDInsight Hadoop Tools for Visual Studio
3:00 PM(PT) Securing Your Azure Data Center Node.js for .NET Developers Windows 10: Making School Life easier with Windows 10 and Cortana 10 Características que todo desarrollador debería utilizar con su sistema de control de versiones. Parte 1 Usando os dados de Mail, Calendário e Contatos do Office 365 em suas aplicações C#
4:00 PM(PT) Deploying Highly Available SQL Server in Microsoft Azure IaaS Introduction to AngularJS in an Office 365 context Ransomware – Key tools for prevention and recovery Implementación de Recuperación de Desastre/ Respaldo de Datos con Azure Project Online – gerenciando projetos e portfólio
5:00 PM(PT) Dynamics CRM MVP Ask the Experts Native iOS Apps using Swift for Office365 Understanding Windows updating SQL Server 2014 + Azure = Bases de datos hibridas ALM para Apps for SharePoint

Jour 2 – 15 Mai, 2015

Time IT ProTrack DeveloperTrack ConsumerTrack LATAM (Spanish)Track Brazil (Portuguese)Track
8:00 AM(PT) Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Automation with PowerShell Surviving in an Async-First Development World I’m an uber chic hipster that runs my business on only Apple products; Why would I want Office365? Implementando Exchange 2013 con las mejores prácticas em cada rol, evitando del principio problemas futuros Otimizando o gerenciamento de máquinas virtuais no Microsoft Azure
9:00 AM(PT) Modern IT: DevOps to ITIL Roslyn for Normal Developers: It’s Not Just for Compiler Geeks! Using Access and SharePoint for Travel Expenses and Pulling up Maps Generando Comunidades Corporativas con SharePoint Automating Azure Management using PowerShell
10:00 AM(PT) Just Enough Explanation of JEA, Windows’ New « Just Enough Administration » (JEA) Tool 10 New Things for Developers on Windows 10 Pivot Table Data Crunching Power BI 2.0 – la revolucion en inteligencia de negocios en la nube Designing and Building a Hybrid Cloud, co-starring Microsoft Azure and Your Datacenter
11:00 AM(PT) Automating Service Delivery with System Center 2012 R2 Windows 10 and Spartan Use your Windows Phone to tap into the Contacts, Calendar (and shared Calendars) and OneDrive Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) – Cómo manejar dispositivos móviles en la empresa con System Center R2 Configuration Manager 2012 + Intune Migrating Active Directory to Windows Server 2012 R2
12:00 PM(PT) Best Practices for Virtualizing and Managing  SharePoint 2013 with System Center Windows Server 2012 A Lap around ASP.NET vNext! Delve and the Office Graph – A crash course Adoptando Marcos Ágiles con Visual Studio Online Segurança em ambientes virtualizados com Hyper-V e Vmware
1:00 PM(PT) Troubleshooting Hyper-V Performance Issues – Black Belt Notes from the field A Brief History of OWIN Windows 10: New Features and New Directions Administración y configuración de Microsoft Deployment Toolkit – MDT 2013 – para el despliegue de Windows 10 Prepare seu datacenter para a Nuvem
2:00 PM(PT) Migrating from VMware to Hyper-V for VMware Professionals How To Create A Global Leaderboard For Unity 3D Using Azure Mobile Services These Are a Few of My Favorite Things – The OneNote Edition  Cardinality Estimator en SQL Server 2014. ¿Qué es? Y cómo nos beneficia Deployment ágil com Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013
3:00 PM(PT) Healthy SQL III One XAML UI to Rule them All with Universal Apps and Xamarin.Forms! Windows Phone 8.1: “Hey Cortana” you make my life easier Accesando Office 365 desde un App Android / Windows Phone Controlando cargas de trabalho com Resource Governor no SQL Server 2014
4:00 PM(PT) PowerShell Desired State Configuration – Custom Resource Development Cross-Platform Localization for Mobile Apps Using .NET Windows 10: Productivity Tips 10 Características que todo desarrollador debería utilizar con su sistema de control de versiones. Parte 2 Why is my index still fragmented after REBUILD on SQL Server?
5:00 PM(PT) A pain-free migration to Office 365 Resolving Conflicts in Collaborative Occasionally Connected Mobile Apps Virtual Tour of Microsoft’s Security Response Center Identidad y Acceso en la nube Construindo ambientes com o Quórum dinâmico

Une bonne occasion de se former !

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