Azure | Enumerating Azure Services


In this article, I will show you how you can leverage the MicroBurst tool to anonymously enumerating Azure Services.

Please find below a list of DNS suffixes associated with the Azure Services:

DNS SuffixAssociated Azure Service Accounts – Files Accounts – Blobs Accounts – Queues Accounts – Tables
azurewebsites.netApp Services and Function app
scm.azurewebsites.netApp Services – Management – MSSQL – Cosmos DB
azurecontainer.ioContainer Instances
azurecr.ioContainer Registry
azureedge.netCDN Appliance
azure-api.netAPI Services public IP DNS Vault

To conduct this enumeration, we will use the MicroBurst tool.
git clone
Import-Module .\MicroBurst.psm1
Invoke-EnumerateAzureSubDomains -Base yourkeyword (you can also add a list of permutations with the parameter -Permutations ".\permutations.txt")


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